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What should you look for when you hire an attorney?

We believe that you should look for three primary things:  
1. Experience  
Law school often does little to prepare prospective attorneys for real world law practice.  While a person may learn legal theories in law school, knowing what to do with those theories and how to practice law effectively only comes with experience. 

At the law office of Richard G. Gay, L.C., our attorneys / lawyers have the experience you need to help you with your legal problems.  Attorney Richard Gay has over 44 years of legal experience, and has worked in the legal departments of major corporations (for example, Heinz, and a large soft drink company, Beverage Management), had an office in Washington, DC, and, for the past 20+ years has conducted a practice here in Berkeley Springs.  He has wide ranging experience in both litigation and business matters.  His experience allows him to see the big picture and make effective strategic decisions that help to benefit your case.  You can read Richard Gay’s resume here.  

Attorney Nathan Cochran has over 20 years of legal experience, including working for a law firm that assisted nonprofit organizations with legal issues throughout the nation.  He was also an assistant prosecuting attorney In Berkeley County, West Virginia, and handled numerous felony, misdemeanor, and forfeiture cases there.  For the past ten years, he has been a part of the Law Office of Richard G. Gay, LC, and has participated in trials, appeals, administrative hearings, and business matters. You can read Nathan Cochran’s resume here

For a list of some of the cases in which we have been involved, click here
2. Honesty
We believe that you want and deserve an accurate assessment of your case.  We endeavor to help you understand where you are in the sometimes confusing legal process.  While every case may take unexpected twists, we try to assess your case at the beginning of our representation so you can know what to expect.  
3. Personal Service
Why should you hire a small firm instead of one of the big 400 member attorney firms out there?  Again, it comes down to experience and personal service.  Do you really want a junior attorney who doesn’t know you to be assigned to your case, perhaps one who does not have the experience to fully appreciate the real world effect of the legal issues involved?  We have found that, in our practice, our experience helps us to see the big picture in your case, while we can maintain that personal connection with you and your needs. We do our best to keep you informed about your case.  After all, it’s your case.  

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